Social media and white papers make a natural combination. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and effect way to promote your white paper, consider using your social media channels.

Social media and white papers reach audiences

Many businesses that use social media find it challenging to generate relevant and interesting content to post. Your white paper is an example of content that’s likely to be meaningful to many of your followers. Whether that involves posting its availability on Facebook or Instagram, tweeting key facts, or repurposing parts of the content as LinkedIn posts, social media gives you many ways to present your white paper to interested audiences.

White papers and LinkedIn

For business-related topics, LinkedIn tends to be the most effective social media channel. You can post the paper on your company page and encourage your team to share its availability on their own pages. If you belong to any LinkedIn groups, you can post a link to the paper there. And LinkedIn’s article function allows you to take parts of your white paper and present them as articles for your network to see.

Using social media advertising

Social media advertising tools may provide a way to extend the reach of your message. For example, LinkedIn offers advertising opportunities that can be targeted to specific job functions or regions where you do business.

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