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From "What you need to know about white papers"

“Creating a white paper is not the same as writing a blog post. While most people can generate a decent blog post in an hour or two, a white paper usually de- mands more research, drawing upon the knowledge of multiple experts, selecting the topics of greatest interest to the audience, and only then, beginning the process of writing, reviewing, revising, and design. It’s a process that can easily take a company a month or more to complete.”


From "Should you write your own white paper?"

“Each of us gets only so many hours each year. We spend a quarter to a third of them in bed, then divide the rest between work and our “free” time. In a typical job, we’ll spend 40 to 50 hours of each week working and most of us pack a long list of tasks into that time.

You (and your team) are probably using your time most efficiently when you use it to do what you’re best at. That’s why most companies prefer to have their employees working in specialized roles. You don’t expect your sharpest sales rep to balance the books, too. Generally speaking, specialization increases efficiency.”


From "How to share your white paper"

“As you can see, that represents nine blog posts from a single white paper (and there may be even more potential subjects). Each of the posts might include a sentence like this early in the post:

Our recent white paper, “Cross-cutting and spiral-coring: an engineering comparison,” includes an examination of the flaws inherent in the spiral coring method. (You can download a free copy of the white paper here…)

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