White paper editor is not a formal career, but it’s a term describing people who can use their knowledge and writing skills to enhance your white paper. That may be a professional editor, another writer, or even a co-worker with strong writing skills.

White paper editor can find mistakes

Part of human nature and writing is the fact that our eyes and brains can trick us. When we’ve written something, we know what it’s supposed to say, so as we read it again, our brains automatically correct any mistakes we encounter. White paper editors can pick up on errors that slipped by you, preventing you from embarrassing yourself and your organization.

White paper editors can improve flow

We all try hard to write clearly, but sometimes we use sentence and paragraph structure that’s more convoluted than it should be. White paper editors can help by suggesting other ways to word things that read more easily.

They’re another set of eyes

You may have worked hard to make sure your white paper covers the key issues, and you used language you understand. But what’s crystal-clear to you might be kind of foggy or confusing to other people. That’s where a white paper editor can help. They’re reading what you wrote with fresh eyes, and they can point out any sections or sentences that may be confusing for readers.

You have the final say

What if you disagree with a white paper editor’s suggestion? Simple … you don’t have to use it! Ultimately, you’re in control of what’s being written. If you’re convinced that your approach is a better way to convey the information than what the editor recommends, it’s okay to stick with your wording.

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