You’ve been hard at work on a white paper, but it just doesn’t sound right. You wonder if a professional writer like me is ever asked to improve a white paper someone else has written. The answer is yes, frequently. Professional white paper writers like me can take your draft and improve it.

Improve a white paper with help from a pro

It’s a common situation, and it’s not because you or your team has done something wrong. Most of us are skilled at our professions, but not quite as handy when it comes to other tasks — like writing, for example. People who have a great deal of technical or professional knowledge often find it tough to share what they know in ways that important audiences can understand. Instead of sounding like friendly documents providing guidance, their white papers become highly technical, filled with jargon, or poorly organized.

Professional writers write better

You may be good at handling repairs around your house, but you admit that what you do doesn’t always have a professional look. Take plumbing or electrical projects. Professional plumbers and electricians work with that technology every day, can handle the work more efficiently, and know the tips and tricks for making the project look better. Professional white paper writers are similar. They have the skills to make your message clearer and more understandable, and their experience with other white papers allows them to convey your information more effectively.

Professional writers can polish your work

Professional writers can usually take a white paper written by a non-writer and polish it in far less time than it would take them to rewrite the white paper from scratch. Professionals can find and fix any errors and typos, and they can rework sentence structure and paragraphs to make them more understandable and meaningful to your audience. Sometimes they may suggest reorganizing the white paper to present the material in a more logical fashion for people who don’t know the story you’re telling as well as you do.

Ask a professional for an estimate

If you have a white paper that doesn’t meet your expectations, share it with a professional white paper writer and ask for recommendations and an estimate. You may be surprised at how affordable it can be to achieve dramatic improvements that meet your original objectives!