Where can you find the right white paper writer to write your white paper? While many people out there call themselves writers, they may not be the best choice. Here are some thoughts as you consider your options:

Is that English major a white paper writer?

Your friend always got As on term papers, but the formal style of writing used in the academic world doesn’t work well in white papers. The type of writing most of us learned in school falls flat when it comes to communicating with key stakeholders.

Can that local freelance writer be a white paper writer?

There are many excellent freelance journalists, but most of them lack experience in the specialized types of writing businesses need. Few are accustomed to developing material on complex or complicated subjects … and writing to specifying engineers or IT professionals is different from writing human-interest stories for the general public.

Do online services offer good white paper writers?

Online writing services promise to develop white papers and other materials in less time for a fraction of what other professionals charge. Many of these services accomplish that by outsourcing the writing to people overseas, who may or may not be native English speakers. While those writers may be able to develop copy in English, it’s unlikely they’ll use contemporary, conversational business language or take the time needed to carefully develop a white paper that reflects the voice and tone used by your company or in your industry. You can expect to spend significantly more time editing and rewriting their work, which may eliminate any economic advantages.

Budding novelists are not white paper writers

Your niece is nice, and she did publish that short story in her school’s literary magazine, but there’s a big difference between what people learn in “creative writing” classes and communicating the serious information your company needs to convey.

Choose a professional white paper writer

Professional business writers focus exclusively on helping businesses like yours communicate with key audiences. They’re accustomed to the style, structure, and techniques that are most effective at delivering information, and they recognize that the ultimate goal of your white paper is to accomplish a business objective. They will know how to present your messages in the most effective and impactful ways, making the materials understandable, compelling enough to hold the reader’s attention, and focused on achieving your business objectives.

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