Hiring a white paper writer not only means you can stay focused on your job’s normal responsibilities, but it also gives you someone who will approach your white paper with more objectivity, an outside viewpoint, and stronger skills.

So how do you hire a white paper writer? The first step is finding a professional who specializes in writing white papers. While there are many people out there who call themselves writers, white papers are a unique kind of project that requires very specific expertise. Someone whose expertise primarily involves writing college term papers, advertising, blog posts, or who calls themselves a “creative writer” probably won’t have experience with a white paper.

Seek white paper writer references

One way to find a professional white paper writer is to contact companies who have developed white papers you admire and ask who they used. If they’re satisfied with the work of a professional white paper writer, they’ll usually be happy to give you a name and contact information.

References are also important if you’ve found a white paper writer on your own. Don’t just assume that the writer does a good job. Ask for names and contact information of the writer’s clients, and take the time to contact them. Ask for their impressions of the white paper writer and whether they would work with them again.

Review white paper writer samples

It’s one thing for someone to simply say they can write white papers. Proof of their past work is important. A professional white paper writer will be happy to supply samples of their work for other clients. As you review their sample white papers, pay attention to how the writer explains difficult concepts. Even if you know nothing about the industry for which the white paper was developed, you should be able to come away with a good understanding of the issue being discussed and how the company responds. Good white papers are well-organized and concise.

If the language is confusing, uses a lot of jargon, or seems sloppy, that writer probably isn’t the best choice for you. On the other hand, if the copy is well-written and does an excellent job of explaining the issue and the solutions, you can choose that white paper writer with confidence.

Be wary of online white paper writer services

As more companies began to use white papers, it didn’t take long for online services to crop up, promising to develop white papers and other materials in less time for a fraction of what other professionals charge. If you’re on a tight budget and timeline (and who isn’t?), that can seem appealing, but don’t forget that familiar adage that you get what you pay for.

Many of these services outsource white paper writing to people overseas, who may or may not be native English speakers. Even if those writers are able to develop reasonably decent copy in English, it’s unlikely they’ll use contemporary, conversational business language. It’s also unlikely that they’ll be able to develop a white paper that captures the voice and tone used by your company or in your industry. So while you may save some money or time upfront, you’ll probably make up for it by being forced to spend time editing and rewriting their work.

Other online services may use writers in the U.S. but don’t vet their experience. A writer’s profile may claim they have experience with white papers, but how robust is that experience? Again, before you hire a white paper writer, ask for samples and references and check both carefully.

Choose a professional white paper writer

By taking the time to find and evaluate a professional white paper writer, you’re assured of receiving the quality of work your company needs to accomplish its objectives. Professional white paper writers focus exclusively on helping businesses like yours communicate with key audiences. They’re aware of how to present your messages in the most effective and impactful ways, making your messages understandable, compelling enough to hold the reader’s attention, and focused on achieving your business objectives.

Professional white paper writers are accustomed to the style, structure, and techniques that are most effective at delivering information, and they recognize that the ultimate goal of your white paper is to accomplish a business objective. Working with a white paper pro will give you the greatest value for your investment with less stress and uncertainty.

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