The familiar adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to white paper writers. Search the internet, and you’ll find outsourced writing services that promise to develop white papers and other materials in less time for a fraction of what other professionals charge. Many of these services accomplish that by outsourcing the writing to people overseas, who may or may not be native English speakers.

Can journalists write white papers?

Some companies try to save money by reaching out to local freelance journalists. Those people may do a great job of writing human-interest stories for the general public’s consumption, but most of them lack experience in the specialized types of writing businesses need. Few are accustomed to developing material on complex or complicated subjects … or writing to communicate with specifying engineers or IT professionals.

Does using employees save money?

Saving money by asking already-busy employees to write provides a false economy. It’s doubtful those employees have the skills to create an effective white paper … and even if they do, who will handle their normal workload and other tasks while they’re focused on writing the paper? You (and your team) are probably using your time most efficiently when you use it to do what you’re best at.

Cheaper writers mean more editing

Choosing any of those options also means you’ll likely have to invest significantly more time editing and revising the writer’s work, which may eliminate any economic advantages.

Use professional white paper writers

A better, more effective approach is to start with a professional writer who has extensive experience with white papers. You’ll benefit from the writer’s experience and will probably be much happier with the finished product. Best of all, the white paper will be more effective, increasing your chances of recouping your investment.

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