White papers work well in today’s business environment because everyone is struggling to do more in less time. Like you, your customers and prospects are hungry for good information, but they’re also busy. Because their time is limited, they appreciate practical guidance that’s focused on their specific needs. Most are suspicious of advertising or other obviously sales-focused approaches, but white papers are different. They’re information and based on facts.

White papers deliver knowledge

Nobody reads white papers for fun (not even The White Paper Pro). We read them because we need to know something. Maybe we want to better understand a new technology we’ve heard about. Perhaps we’re desperately seeking a solution for a problem that’s hurting our business. Or it could be that we want support for a recommendation we’re making to our bosses. Whatever the reason, white papers provide trustworthy information and improve our perception of the company that develops the white paper.

White papers inform decision-making

One industry publication conducted a survey reporting that 84 percent of businesspeople felt that white papers influenced their decisions about purchases. And, reflecting the fact that many purchasing decisions involve several individuals, 89 percent of respondents said they pass white papers along to others. You can find other surveys online that report similar results. 

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