Using white papers in your newsletter can provide a powerful partnership. If you regularly send an email newsletter or other promotional emails to customers and prospects, you can use them as a way to call attention to your white paper.

Mention white papers in your newsletter

For example, if you publish a regular email newsletter, you can include a brief story mentioning the availability of your white paper. Or you might include a colorful banner or box as an “ad” mentioning the white paper’s availability. One particularly effective way to pursue either of these approaches is to spotlight an intriguing statement or statistic that will pique the reader’s curiosity.

Link to white papers in your newsletter

No matter which approach you take, include a link so interested readers can download a copy of the white paper. If you want to compare how well different marketing methods work, create a separate landing page for each article or each channel. You can then use Google Analytics or other comparison tools to determine how many people are coming to each landing page.

Don’t limit your efforts to your own publications. Many industry websites and trade publications send regular email newsletters and offer the ability to buy promotional messages in those newsletters for a comparatively low cost. You can create an ad spotlighting your white paper and link it to a landing page.

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