If your company has opted to create a white paper, well done! If you’ve also chosen to enlist the services of a white paper writer rather than tackling it yourself, that’s a wise decision. Employing a white paper writer not only allows you to concentrate on your regular job responsibilities but also brings in someone who can approach your white paper with enhanced objectivity, an external perspective, and heightened skills.

Now, how do you go about hiring a white paper writer? The initial step involves locating a professional specializing in white paper writing. Despite numerous individuals identifying as writers, white papers require specific expertise. Someone well-versed in crafting college term papers, advertising content, blog posts, or self-proclaimed “creative writers” may lack the requisite experience for a white paper.

What do others think?

Seeking references is a valuable approach to find a skilled white paper writer. Contact companies whose white papers you admire and inquire about the professionals they used. Satisfied clients are usually willing to provide the name and contact information of a reliable white paper writer.

References also play a crucial role if you discover a white paper writer independently. Avoid assuming the writer’s competence; instead, request the names and contact details of their clients. Take the time to reach out to these clients, seeking their feedback on the white paper writer and whether they would consider working with them again.

Study past work for others

Reviewing samples is essential. While anyone can claim to be adept at white paper writing, tangible proof of past work is crucial. A proficient white paper writer will gladly share samples showcasing their work for other clients. Pay attention to how the writer explains complex concepts in their sample white papers. Even without industry knowledge, you should grasp the discussed issue and the company’s response. A well-organized and concise white paper is a hallmark of quality.

Is language simple?

If the language is confusing, laden with jargon, or appears sloppy, the writer may not be the ideal choice. Conversely, if the copy is well-crafted, effectively elucidating the problem and proposed solutions, you can confidently select that white paper writer.

Online services are riskier

Exercise caution with online services. While tempting due to budget constraints and timelines, these services often outsource writing tasks to individuals overseas, potentially non-native English speakers. Even if they produce decent English copy, it may lack contemporary business language or capture your company’s voice and industry tone. While initial savings might seem appealing, you could end up investing time in editing and rewriting their work.

Some online services employ U.S.-based writers without thoroughly vetting their experience. Writer profiles may claim white paper expertise, but it’s crucial to assess the depth of that experience. Before hiring a white paper writer, meticulously examine samples and references.

Opt for a professional white paper writer

By dedicating time to find and assess a professional, you ensure the quality of work needed for your company’s objectives. Professional white paper writers specialize in assisting businesses in effectively communicating with key audiences. They understand how to present messages in impactful ways, ensuring they are comprehensible, compelling enough to captivate the reader’s attention, and aligned with your business goals.

Get the most ROI

Accustomed to the style, structure, and techniques effective in delivering information, professional white paper writers recognize that the ultimate aim is to achieve a business objective. Collaborating with a white paper pro provides maximum value for your investment with reduced stress and uncertainty.