White papers and webinars are both powerful tools on their own. When you combine them in a joint effort, they become even more powerful.

White papers and webinars are similar

You might think white papers and webinars are very different communications channels … and you’d be right … but the two approaches serve essentially the same function. White papers and webinars are both used to inform and educate, often about topics with some degree of complexity. Both approaches tend to have serious, straightforward tones, especially compared to promotional materials such as mailers or brochures.

White papers and webinars connect in many ways

The only limit to the opportunities to use white papers and webinars together is your own creativity. For example, after you develop a white paper, you can use it as the basis of one or more webinars about the topics covered in the paper. Or you can offer a white paper during the presentation of your webinar, allowing attendees to access even more detailed information.

White papers and webinars promote one another

You can schedule webinars as a promotional tool for your white paper. A smart strategy is to create a special landing page on your website where webinar participants can download a free copy of your white paper. A key advantage of setting up a landing page is that it allows you to track exactly how many webinar participants are interested in the white paper. You can also “gate” your white paper by asking people who are interested to share additional information, such as an email. You can use that information as part of your sales and marketing efforts.

White papers and webinars boost reputations

Producing both white papers and webinars can enhance your company’s reputation (and yours) as an expert on the topic. Both may open the door to speaking opportunities at conferences and other events, the chance to write a blog post or magazine article, and invitations to podcasts within your industry.

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