White papers and conferences are a natural combination. If you’re looking for an excellent way to promote your company, an informative white paper can form the basis for a presentation at an industry conference.

White papers and conferences build interest

The people who run conferences are in a constant search for timely topics that will be of interest to their attendees. When you contact the organizer, you can send a copy of the white paper along as both a summary of your topic and evidence of your credibility as a presenter.

White papers and conferences work in tandem

Use the white paper as the source for your presentation, but don’t share all of the information it contains. Instead, mention that you’ve developed a white paper than explores the topic in greater depth and post a link to a landing page. That way, interested attendees can download a copy and you have the opportunity to capture their email addresses for future marketing activities. (Including a link in your presentation slides also reaches people who may not have attended your session but looked up your slides on the conference site.)

If you belong to a local industry association or the local chapter of a national group, there might also be opportunities to be a presenter at a monthly meeting. You can discuss key issues related to your white paper and offer a free download to attendees who would like to know more.

Finally, if your organization exhibits at trade shows or industry conferences, you can distribute printed copies of your white paper from your booth. Another option is to encourage attendees to sign up (or swipe their badges) for a free copy in return for an opportunity to win a gift card or some other prize. You can email the white paper and a sales message to them after the show.

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