If your company and its products or services are at the forefront of your market or industries, you may actually be at a disadvantage that educational white papers can solve. That’s because prospects are less likely to choose something they don’t fully understand. The advantages and superiority of your new approach may be obvious to you, but they may not be quite as clear to the rest of the world. Educating the people who are likely to buy what you’re after may require investing more resources and having more patience, because most people are resistant when it comes to new things or new ways of thinking.

Educational white papers are effective

For innovators, education can be a particularly powerful marketing strategy … and few tools are as effective at education as white papers. White papers can be used to explain what it is that makes your solution better than competing alternatives. They can summarize key information about a particular issue or problem to help the reader develop a stronger understanding. They can also describe common problems your audience faces and offer a detailed explanation as to how your approach provides the best solution. A white paper provides enough facts and arguments to convince people that your product, service, or strategy offers the best solution for the situation, educating them while helping them reach the decision you want.

Ads, websites, and other marketing materials that simply tell the world how great you are just won’t be as effective as an educational effort. The marketplace is littered with great ideas that failed because they never managed to secure the understanding and affection of customers. Don’t let your idea be one of them.

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