White papers and blogs are natural counterparts, and blogging presents several ways to increase awareness of your white paper.

A well-organized white paper can become the source of several posts for your company’s blog, each of which can mention the white paper and include a link for downloading it. You can develop a post that summarizes the key message of your white paper, along with individual posts based on sections of it. Each of the posts might include a sentence like this early in the post:

Our recent white paper, “Cross-cutting and spiral-coring: an engineering comparison,” includes an examination of the flaws inherent in the spiral coring method. (You can download a free copy of the white paper here.)

In addition, industry websites and trade publications frequently produce blogs of their own targeted at the audiences that are important to you. Many welcome contributions from guest bloggers and will even allow you to include a link to your white paper. Not only will this expose your paper to more people, but the fact that the blog owner is allowing you to be a guest poster gives you a third-party endorsement as an expert.

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